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  • $695,000     MLS# 503627  41 Mormon Hill Rd.   West Sedona 3,766 sq. ft. $185/sq.ft   3 bdrms/2.5 baths 
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  • $479,000   MLS# 503537   140 Rio Sinagua    Las Piedras    Townhome     Village
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  • $458,000     MLS# 503442     205 Panorama        West Sedona 1,897 sq. ft. $241/sq.ft   3 bdrms/2 baths   Built in
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  • Sedona Luxury Home $899,000     MLS# 502696   220 Calle Diamante    Casa Contenta   West Sedona 3,000 sq.
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  • Sedona Luxury Home $2,375,000        MLS#500600       5 Anglers Way     Cross Creek Ranch 5,040 sq.ft       $471/ sq.ft      3bd/
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  • Sedona Luxury Home $1,385,000        MLS#503498         571 Elysian Dr       Little Horse Park 2,900 sq.ft       $477/ sq.ft        3bd/
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In "The Most Beautiful Place in America" Sedona Real Estate is Still a Bargain.

        Isn't it Time to trade the Polar Vortex for the Red Rock Vortex?


The Sedona Real Estate Market:

We had the Lull, but missed the Storm. - The market is now springing forward...


Buyer's Brokerage is a relatively  recent development in the real estate industry, growing out of the Consumers' Rights movement.  A true buyer's agent works solely works for your best interests.  It's time to have the Realtor on your side.

The Buyer's Broker Group of Russ Lyon - Sotheby's International Realty is headed by Roy Eleutherios Grimm, PhD, the acknowledged "Dean of Sedona real Estate" & his wife, Michelle Grimm. Brilliant and delightful, Kristina Brooks runs our back-office.

Roy has been dedicated to serving Sedona real estate buyers only since 1997. The team is on your side, exclusively - working together in your best interests - at no additional charge. We've consistently done that so well that, since 1999, Roy has been the top Buyer's Agent in the Sedona area. To view bios of the Buyer's Broker Team click here:

Living in Sedona and enjoying our fantastic scenery, mild climate, spiritual inspiration, and small-town, yet cosmopolitan culture has been a dream that few people could afford in the past decade. The bottoming out of the Sedona real estate market changed all that. The delightful quality of life in Sedona is now within reach across the spectrum of affordability levels. Having bottomed in 2011, the Sedona Real Estate Market saw prices recover in 2013 to a sustainable level well below the peak hit in 2006.  The Median Recorded Selling Price of single family homes has been close to $400,000 since July, 2013. Contrast that with over $600,000 in 2006.  For the record, we believe that Sedona will be back in that range by the end of this decade.

2014 started out at a considerably slower pace than 2013 in terms of price and number of sales.  The MRSP actually hovered around $380,000 for most of the "Winter That Never Was" (at least here in Sedona) and sales figures were off about 17% compared with 2013. That was the Lull. Just now, as the rest of the nation is starting to thaw, though, Pending Sales have leaped dramatically and at a median price 6% ahead of last year at this point. 

Spring is when our market is, historically, most robust and that is especially true this year. It almost seems as though the folks who were ice-bound for the past three or four months are finally breaking out and heading home to Sedona.

You'll hear more about that as well as Roy's prognostications for the future of the Sedona Real Estate Market by going to our Market Conditions Page : Sedona Real Estate Market Conditions

Bargains are still around. To identify them and and get a great deal on one, you need to have a respected professional on your side - and just on your side.  That's where the Buyer's Broker Team comes in.  Recognized as one of the most knowledgeable experts on the Sedona real estate scene, Roy, a former academician, has been called by his colleagues, "The Dean of Sedona Real Estate" and "The Realtor's Realtor" for his market statistics & analyses and real estate column in Sedona Monthly Magazine.  A Sedona resident for twenty-three years, Roy knows the territory and and his Sedona real estate market knowledge is unsurpassed.

For a full analysis of the Sedona real estate market in historical perspective, recent trends, and detailed statistics visit the "Sedona Real Estate Market Conditions" page or contact Dr. Roy Grimm directly.

Your Future In Sedona Real Estate

What makes the Sedona real estate market different is that we live in what USA Today called "The Most Beautiful Place in America," with an ideal, mild four season climate.  That has attracted a strong, continuous flow of new real estate buyers over the years.  Sedona will always be in demand. That's been particularly so this "winter" when the day-time temperatures have typically been in the 60's and 70's since the beginning of January just as most of the rest of the continent suffered through one of the worse winters on record.

Furthermore, we are an island of private property completely surrounded by National Forest. That severely limits the future supply of buildable land.  In the years and decades ahead, demand will continue to build as supply diminishes.  Prices will appreciate dramatically  - making Sedona not only a marvelous place to live, but a phenomenal investment.

With current sales numbers on the upswing would-be buyers of Sedona real estate are well advised to take advantage of the bargains that are still available.  We think it's safe to say we'll never see Sedona real estate prices this low again in our lifetimes.  

To assist you in understanding the Sedona real estate market and the joys of living in Sedona, we've built, over the years, probably the most extensive real estate site in the Sedona area. Check out the Navigation Bar on the left side of this page.  There you'll see links to pages addressing, among many other things, Sedona Real Estate Market Conditions, Sedona Foreclosures, Sedona Luxury Real Estate, Sedona Land,  Sedona Condos and Townhomes, The Quality of Life in Sedona, as well as a tool that you can use to do your own Search for Sedona Properties

As useful as that Sedona Property Search function can be on your own, many of our clients opt for having us do a customized search for them since we not only know the properties first-hand, but we also know the tricks of the trade to make the search process more productive.

Buying real estate in Sedona is as much a wonderful lifestyle investment as it is financial. You'll see major pay-offs down the road. Call us to discover how. Dr. Roy Grimm, a 23 year veteran of Sedona, is an admitted industry "maverick" who has built a reputation on getting buyers the best possible deals while providing impeccable service. Watch videos (above) to learn more.

Here are some examples of deals we've gotten for our clients in the past year.
The Buyer's Broker Group Advantage
Description Previous Sold Price  Our Buyer's Price Savings
Luxury home In the exclusive Soldiers' Pass area of Sedona $1,900,000 in 2008 $1,150,000 $750,000
Lovely West Sedona home in the upscale Thunder Mtn Ranch $950,000 in 2008 $685,000 $265,000
Beautifully upgraded home with terrific red rock & golf course views $830,000 in 2008 $540,000 $290,000
Gorgeous 2 acre luxury  lot on Oak Creek in gated Cross Creek Ranch $860,000 in 2008 $350,000 $510,000
Delightful, newer (2004) 2025' home  on an acre in the VOC $600,000 in 2007 $350,000 $250,000
Hilltop Cup of Gold home with a great view on over an acre $1,100,000   in 2007 $575,000 $525,000
A bank-owned Sedona fixer-upper on an acre with drop-dead views $1,000,000 in 2011 $400,000 $600,000

Roy Tops The List!

We consistently find property for more satisfied buyers than any other agents in Northern Arizona. For the period from 1999 to the present, statistics for agents representing buyers (from the Sedona/Verde Valley Association of Realtors) show that Roy accounted for the highest production in buyer transactions in Sedona real estate.

We believe that this is proof that our approach works best for more buyers – whether it's a Buyer's Market or a Seller's Market.

So, call us to help you search for your Sedona real estate gem – no one knows Sedona real estate better nor is more active in the business. That gives you a big advantage and the data backs it up!

what other realtors say about us...

"Roy, you're the Realtor's realtor."  (from a local agent who relies on Roy's market analyses published in Sedona Monthly Magazine)

"As a former real estate agent in the Midwest looking for property in an unfamiliar location like Sedona, I knew I wanted to work with someone who had my interests at heart, someone who did not have a hidden agenda to sell his office's listings, and someone who had nothing to lose by answering all of my questions in an honest manner. You not only fit all these parameters to a tee, but I was struck by how patient you were in your dealings with me." Read entire testimonial


free sedona real estate reportHere's our Buyer's Brokers Guarantee:

  • We will get you the best possible deal.
  • We will give you complete access to all Sedona Real Estate Listings – plus non-listed property, too.
  • We will be your consultants, not salespeople.
  • Loyalty to you and your interests - plus - full confidentiality & privacy.
  • Expert market knowledge - we know Sedona Real Estate inside and out.
  • You don't have to guess whose side we're really on. It's yours.

additional testimonials...

"We think most fondly of our time in Sedona and your wonderful advice, support, counsel, humor, patience skill, and dedication to helping us make the Sedona-dream a reality. The total experience of looking at properties and moving through the buying experience was beyond our wildest expectations. For that we are ever in your debt."

- David & Isabel Simmer

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who is interested in purchasing real estate in Sedona." - John & Chris Wilkinson "Your representatives set very high standards for others to follow. I cannot say enough - or praise enough - these wonderful people. I've experienced very few businesses run as smooth as yours. Above and beyond."

- Beverly Myers

"Roy went above and beyond what any realtor ever would have. We would definitely use Buyer Brokers again. We couldn't be happier."

- Rene & Chuck Russell

"Roy was excellent – went to great lengths to be helpful. Super! A+ – at the head of the class!"

– Hazel Buffaloe "It's been great working with you. If you do that terrific a job for all your clients, you'll be Realtor of the Year in no time."

Lou Jernow, Ph.D.

Read more testimonials

Experience the Buyer's Broker difference by calling 1-928-300-0690 for a no obligation, no pressure consultation. Note: We cater to out-of-town and international buyers; your eyes on the ground.   

PS: We do not charge our clients a fee for our representing them.  Commissions are paid by the sellers.  



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